Bamboolik Short Insert DUO

  • Brand: Bamboolik
  • Cat No: 643708
Price: 11,50 лв. 9,20 лв.
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Additional absorbing layer for our AI2 DUO diaper system. As well as all our AI2 DUO Absorbing Inserts, it's double sided—bamboo terry on one side (a very absorbing fabric) and Stay Dry on the other (to keep your baby's bum comfortably dry even in a wet diaper).

Bamboolik short inserts come in 3 packs, but we gladly sell them separately.

Price is for 1 short insert.


HOW TO USE IT: Put a Short Insert in the pocket of our Shaped Insert DUO, then put the Shaped Insert in a Diaper Cover, thus creating a fitting diaper for a baby between 4 - 10 kg. Once the absorbing capacity of this diaper change doesn't suffice, swap the Short Insert for a Long Insert DUO.


Short Insert can also be used to boost the absorbing capacity of a Pocket Diaper or our Night Fitted Diaper or anywhere you need an absorbency boost. It can be used even with a prefold!



Age: Newborn / Infant / Toddler

Contact Layer: Bamboo / Stay-Dry

Size: 2-15 kg

Measurements: 27 x 12 cm

Material: First Layer: 80% bamboo rayon, 20% polyester; Other Layers: 100 % polyester