Bamboolik Swim Nappy - Australian Animals

  • Brand: Bamboolik
Price: 41,00 лв.
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Enjoy swimming with your baby! Without the need to take care of uninvited number 2 ;)


3 sizes (S, M, L)

Adjustable elastic waist and hems around the legs

Washable at 60°C

Keeps number 2 safely inside (What about No. 1, you ask? That’s just not physically possible in water. Not even disposable swim diapers can do that.)

In case of No. 2 they can be unsnapped and taken off between the legs without having to pull them down all the way. In case you’ve tried this exercise, you know what we’re talking about :-P


Swim Diapers are used on their own, no absorbing insert is necessary. It would absorb the pool :)



Age: Infant / Toddler

Sutable for: Swimming

Size: 5-9 kg / 8-12 kg / 11-15 kg

Material: 100 % polyester (PU coated)