Doodush Pocket Microfiber Insert - size M

  • Brand: Doodush
  • Cat No: 643515
Price: 6,40 лв.
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Microfiber absorbent inserts can be used with pocket diapers. They have got huge absorption, dry quickly and fit well. They create a nice microclimate of the skin. Our microfiber absorprion inserts are antialergic, delicate and of the best quality.


The most important advantages of Doodush ecological microfiber absorbent inserts:


  • Soft, light and easy to wash
  • Antialergic
  • Polish quality
  • Excellent absorption
  • Quick drying time
  • Fitting shape.
  • Our microfiber inserts are available in three sizes: S, M and L.
  • M or L inserts can be combined with S insert to get extra absorbency.



S – 12.5×30 cm

M – 12.5×33 cm

L – 12.5×40 cm