Bamboolik Absorbing Insert for Pocket Diaper DUO NEW

  • Brand: Bamboolik
  • Cat No: 643700
Price: 16,20 лв.
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Why two contact layers?

Stay-Dry layer stays dry :-), surprisingly. That means your baby will feel comfortably dry even in a very wet diaper. Stay-Dry layer lets all the liquids pass through, it doesn’t absorb anything! However, in every baby’s life, there might come a time in which you will want to use ….

Bamboo terry as contact layer! Bamboo is approximately four times more absorbing than cotton, did you know that? Bamboo terry lets you baby know that they’re wet (which might come in handy come potty training time) and it absorbs liquids instantly.


Our recommendation:

Stay-Dry layer is great for newborns (who usually hate feeling wet), for older babies for sleep or longer car rides or for babies whose skin is sensitive to wetness.

Bamboo terry is great for toddlers and for those boys with strong streams :-)


How to use this Absorbing Insert?

It’s super simple!

In case you want to use Stay-Dry layer as contact layer: Put the insert in the pocket just halfway, with the other half being left out of the pocket. Use the snap in front of the pocket to secure the insert in place.

In case you want to use bamboo as contact layer, put the entire insert in the pocket, securing it with the snap. Done :-)


Heads up! This diaper was made in the Czech Republic by a Czech company, from materials produced and bought in Czechia or any other European country. More on our approach to social responsibility in this article.


How to take care of this absorbing insert?

Wash on 60 degrees (Celsius) and choose the longest programme on your washing machine. Absorbing Insert can be tumble-dried.



Age: Newborn / Infant / Toddler

Contact Layer: Bamboo / Stay-Dry

Size: 4-15 kg

Fastening: Snaps

Material: 1st layer: 80% Bamboo viscose, 20% Polyester Other layers: 100% Polyester