Bamboolik Diaper Cover DUO OS - Emerald Forest

  • Brand: Bamboolik
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We’ve got you covered! With our PUL Diaper Cover — waterproof layer for cloth diapers. Diaper Cover holds all the liquids safely inside the diaper.


Diaper Cover DUO is used with absorbing inserts from our AI2 DUO System or over any other absorbing layer. Even a prefold or a Muslin Squares. Our Diaper Cover has little pockets in all its corners that secure absorbing inserts in place.


Waterproof doesn’t mean less breathable!

Modern Diaper Covers are waterproof but they let the skin breathe! Based on our own experience (and the experience of our customers), we can confidently say that babies in cloth diaper suffer less from diaper rash than in disposables. Consequently, parents of such children also suffer less 


One Size

Diaper Cover fits from birth to potty, approx. from 4 to 15 kg. You can easily adjust its size by using snaps at the front of the Diaper Cover. 


Double gussets around the legs = 100% leakproof

The more gussets, the more reliable Diaper Cover. There’s also an elastic hem in the back – great prevention of the newborn milky stool leaking out in the back.


Velcro or snaps?

In our book, velcro is more universal as the streak with loops is sewn on the entire front part — that means you can fasten the hooks exactly where you need with perfect precision. With snaps, you’re limited to the spots we chose for the opposite snaps (there’s a lot of them, but the variety will never be as broad as with velcro). On the other hand, it takes longer for toddler to learn to undo snaps. (But don’t worry, one day, they WILL learn. And as with everything else, it’s just a phase and it will pass.)


Which absorbing insert to choose?

Whichever you like :) We would recommend:


AI2 DUO Absorbing Inserts

Organic Cotton Absorbing Inserts

A Prefold – either our Absorbent Booster Prefold Organic Cotton or our Muslin Prefold Organic Cotton.


Why Bamboolik?

We’re truly European. We buy all our fabrics in Europe, we manufacture in Europe (Czech Republic), partly in sheltered workshops. We think that an eco-friendly product, that has to travel half the world to get to its end customer, is not so eco-friendly any more.


Tips on maintenance:

Wash before the first use. Can be machine washed at 60°C, not more. Stay away from fabric softeners and tumble dryer. Never iron and don’t dry on a direct source of heat (could damage the waterproof layer). 


CAUTION: Never wash laminated diapers by hand! Ever. Rough handwashing can mechanically damage the waterproof lamination. Washing machine is your best friend. 



Age: Newborn / Infant / Toddler

Size: 4-15 kg

Fastening: Velcro / Snaps

Material: 100% polyester (PU coated); Lining: 100% polyester (fleece); Elastics: lastin - 100% polyuretan (latex-free)