Bamboolik Night Fitted Diaper XL

  • Brand: Bamboolik
  • Cat No: 643698
Price: 52,40 лв. 41,92 лв.
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Night Fitted Diaper is specially designed to last through a full-night sleep (up to 12 hours). Nothing will disturb your baby’s sleep (and consequently your well-deserved rest) at night!


Extra absorbent night fitted diaper, for older kids (ca 15-25 kg) who are not yet capable of a full night without a wet accident. Pocket can be stuffed as needed for obtaining the required absorbency. Use in combination with Diaper Cover XL

The Night Fitted Diaper XL has an outer part made of soft and fluffy material (cotton and polyester). Unlike the regular Night Fitted Diaper, the XL one does not contain any absorbent insert. You can choose how thick and absorbent it will be by adding any of Bamboolik's inserts in the pouch, as well as regular rectangular diapers.


This diaper will be the best friend of your good night’s sleep, on condition you don’t forget to put the Diaper Cover over it.


Attention: Do not use fleece liners on top of Stay-Dry contact layer of diapers. Two layers of fleece prevent the liquid from being soaked into the inner absorbent part, and thus the diaper may leak. We recommend using the disposable liners instead.



Age: Toddler

Contact layer:  Stay-Dry

Size: 15-25 kg

Fastening: Velcro

Material Fitted Diaper: Outer Layer: 80 % Polyester, 20 % Cotton

Inner Layer: 100 % Polyester Elastics: 100 % Polyurethane