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  • Brand: Bamboolik
  • Cat No: 643704
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Changing to reusable diapers has never been easier - our Pocket Diaper is used exactly the same (simple) way as a disposable. Not a true “All-in-One (AIO)” diaper but very close! Just put it on and go. Or crawl :)


One-size Pocket Diaper, usable throughout the entire diaper period (approx. 3,5-15 kg). Adjustable size thanks to 4 rows of snaps at the front side.

NB! This pocket HAS an insert included!

What makes Bamboolik’s Pocket Diaper unique?

The perfect cut. Double hems around your baby’s legs equal no leaks! In case you’re familiar with our Diaper Covers, you know that double hems are gold - they’re quite literally bulletproof. Or stoolproof :) To quote those who have tested our new Pocket Diaper: “100% reliable. A Ferrari among reusable diapers!”

It’s the most universal reusable diaper. Its waterproof pocket is lined with bamboo rayon on the inside - bamboo rayon is celebrated for its absorbing capacity and for being able to absorb a lot of liquid very fast. A priceless asset especially when it comes to baby boys! Even a strong stream of liquid is absorbed immediately, without any of it “escaping” to the sides.

It’s not a reusable diaper “for the show” – this one’s got you covered even at night! (Just add more absorbing inserts for older babies/toddlers.)

The attached absorbing insert is compliant with our AI2 DUO Diaper System. One side is made of bamboo rayon, the other is Stay-Dry. In case you want your baby to feel comfortably dry even in a wet diaper, just attach (snap) the absorbing insert so that it lies ON the pocket (don’t put the insert inside the pocket), with the Stay-Dry layer touching your baby’s skin.

OUR TIP: We recommend using the Stay-Dry layer for newborns or for older babies for sleep and travels. Or for babies whose skin is very sensitive to wetness.


Pocket Diaper dries fast! If you have some experience with a true AIO (All-in-One) Diaper, you know that all those absorbing layers sewn together dry for ages! Tumble dryer being no option in this case as it could damage the waterproof lamination. With Bamboolik’s Pocket Diaper, you literally dismantle the diaper so that all the absorbing layers can be chucked into the tumble-dryer and the pocket itself dries in a few hours.

Our Pocket Diaper has the best construction, thanks to our years and years of experience in diaper making. We even improved the cut of the basic Absorbing Insert – we made it wider in the back so that it covers the entire bum :) (Which means the whole bum staying dry in case you’re using the Stay-Dry layer.)

You can always add any absorbing insert into the pocket – be it one of our AI2 DUO Absorbing Inserts, a folded Muslin Square, a prefold …. anything you have at hand.

Our Pocket Diaper doesn’t make your little one’s bum huge! It fits snug and lean, thus enabling free movement of legs - very important for correct psychomotor development.


Heads up! This diaper was made in the Czech Republic by a Czech company, from materials produced and bought in Czechia or any other European country. More on our approach to social responsibility in this article.


How to take care of this diaper?

Wash all the parts of the Pocket Diaper together (just unsnap the insert(s) and the pocket) at 60 degrees (Celsius) and choose the longest programme on your washing machine. Absorbing Insert can be tumble-dried, the pocket should be air-dried. Be gentle with the pocket! Its waterproof lamination is a fragile thing – it hates being washed by hand (never do that!) or dried on a direct source of heat (heating unit or even direct summer sun)



Age: Newborn / Infant / Toddler

Contact layer:  Bamboo / Stay-Dry

Size:  4-15 kg

Fastening: Velcro

Absorbent Insert:  Shaped Insert for Pocket Diaper DUO NEW

Material - The pocket: Inner Layer: 85% Bamboo viscose, 15% Polyester; Outer Layer: 100% Polyester (PI coated)

Material - Absorbing Insert 1st layer: 80% Bamboo viscose, 20% Polyester; Other layers: 100% Polyester