About us

Who are we?


We are Tsveti and Ivo, the owners of Bottomlane. We launched our online store in November 2017, about a year after our daughter was born. At first we were not aware of the benefits and even the existence of modern cloth diapers, but soon after we became acquainted with them, we brought to life the idea of ​​distributing this information among families with young children. By contributing to the local market, we would like to draw the attention of more families to the benefits of the cloth nappies. Our passionate desire is to give enough information and guidance to the families that are wandering within the world of cloth diapers and share our own experience in the articles and stories from our blog, which sprang quite spontaneously shortly after the store was created.


In our everyday life we ​​have ordinary jobs and the online store is not our main occupation. We are excited about the possibilities of reducing waste and restricting the widespread use of plastics in everyday life, and we are trying to use only recycled and recyclable packaging and materials when we ship our products - we first started making the labels of the products from the recycled paper, and then we began using cardboard box as a single package (without a polyethylene bag) when we are shipping.


Our ambitions go beyond the mere development of a business idea, we are aiming at changing the values ​​that accompany childcare. Every day we struggle with prejudices and narrow eyesight, and we believe that this cause is worthwhile.