Doodush Nappy Cover 2.0 (One size) - Orange Forrest

  • Brand: Doodush
  • Cat No: 643542
Price: 35,90 лв.
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Doodush ONE SIZE nappy covers are made with the utmost care using the best quality Polish materials. They impress with their cut - diapers are intended for children from 5 to 14 kg. The outer material is a soft-to-touch and elastic PUL fabric, which does not let water molecules pass through, but it lets water vapor molecules pass, which minimizes the risk of chafing in children.


The system of durable, densely spaced naps allows you to adjust the size and quickly and well adapt the diaper to the age and weight of the child. Elastic bands around the legs prevent leakage and a flat elastic waistband helps to properly adhere to the child's skin. The diapers are very easy to use and can be used both for day and night use.

Product designed and made in Poland with the use of Polish materials in cooperation with leaders in the textile industry.

Made for children and with them in mind from materials with appropriate certificates.


Washing at 40-60 ° C.