Doodush Two-sided Insert size L (Microfleece/ Coolmax)

  • Brand: Doodush
  • Cat No: 643517
Price: 11,30 лв.
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Reusable microfleece / Coolmax absorbent insert for reusable diapers and covers.

It is characterized by enormous absorbency, a very short drying time and a simple shape, thanks to which placing the insert in the pocket will be very easy. Microfiber fibers show great absorbency, but also fast drying time, which is a great advantage when used in absorbent inserts. The lining on both sides allows us to use this insert in covers, and it is only up to you what material you choose. Microfleece - for a feeling of dryness, Coolmax - in which you can feel moisture.

Product designed and made in Poland using Polish materials in cooperation with leaders in the textile industry.

Made for children and with them in mind from materials with appropriate certificates.

If necessary, the inserts can be combined with each other, e.g. when wearing them overnight, when the child sleeps all night, we can give two inserts of the same size or smaller / larger according to the discretion.


S: 12.5 × 30 cm

M: 12.5 × 33 cm

L: 12.5 × 40 cm