Doodush Wetbag - Navy Boho

  • Brand: Doodush
  • Cat No: 643545
Price: 17,00 лв.
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PUL bag - for small and large journeys


Wetbag for the safe storage of damp and soiled nappies and other clothes. Made of waterproof PUL material, which protects its contents and isolates moisture and odors from leaking out. The wetbags are the perfect complement to our collection of nappies and covers. Carefully sewn with additional protection of internal seams with a waterproof trim. They are fastened with a zipper with a handle for hanging.


They are irreplaceable on trips, walks or swimming pools, and wherever there is a need to protect it or against what you put inside.


A 25x30 bag will hold two-three nappies or swaddles with inserts.