Imagine AI2 Shell - Trumpet

  • Brand: Imagine
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The Imagine All-in-Two Cloth Diaper is the best of both worlds! Choose a shell in hook & loop or snap closure, and combine it with sized microfiber inserts for a trim fit and economical diaper system! Both sizes of All-in-Two Inserts snap into place to keep from shifting while worn.


The Imagine All-in-Two Inserts are constructed of 4 layers of absorbent microfiber topped with super soft fleece. Size 1 inserts will fit babies 8-19lbs, and Size 2 will fit babies 20-35+lbs. Change the diaper when the insert is wet or soiled. If the cover is only wet, then wipe it clean, snap in a new insert, and reuse it!


The Imagine All-in-Two Cloth Diaper Shell is available in many beautiful colors, and cute prints. The snap closure features high quality, durable snaps and the hook & loop closure feature large folding tabs for easy laundering.


To use your Imagine One Size All-in-Two Cloth Diaper:

  • Adjust the rise of the diaper according to baby's weight using the list below
  • Snap in the absorbent insert
  • Adjust the front closure to achieve desired waist size
  • Change the insert when wet or the entire diaper when soiled


Approximate Rise Settings Based on Baby's Weight:


  • 1st row: small 8-15 pounds
  • 2nd row: medium 15-23 pounds
  • 3rd row: large 23-35+ pounds


Care Instructions:

  • Knock solids into toilet (reuse shell until soiled or wash day)
  • Un-snap inserts from shell (fasten laundry tabs for hook & loop closure)
  • Cold rise or light wash (no detergent)
  • Warm or hot wash (with additive-free detergent)
  • Tumble Dry low or line dry
  • No fabric softeners or rash creams