Imagine Baby Products

Who is behind Imagine Baby Products?


The Imagine baby products brand is owned by the American company Planet Wise.

Planet Wise Inc. is a family business founded by Nikki Maynard, the owner of the famous Nicki's Diapers online store. The two husbands Niki and Jess are making efforts to create products of the highest quality while at the same time being responsible for the environment. The company was founded in 2008. with one main goal: to create green, multiple alternatives to disposable products.

The Imagine brand was created in 2009. especially for Nicki's Diapers online store, and offers many kinds of multiple diapers, including wool covers, bamboo blankets and baby ghettos. In 2013, Imagine's products are also being distributed through distributors.


How does Planet Wise help protect the environment?

To reduce the impact on the environment, all products are tested in laboratories and the tests ensure that they do not contain PVC and lead (for a great surprise, many zips are painted with lead-containing paint). All of the company's products are designed for reuse and are designed to replace the one-off ones, helping to reduce waste. Planet Wise uses recycled paper for its soy-colored ink packs.


How does Planet Wise Inc. work?

The company carefully researches its materials and most of them choose to work is manufactured in the United States. Adhering to this high standard of quality, Planet Wise is constantly striving to keep the price of products available to all families. To minimize the cost of Imagine products and make it as affordable as possible, Imagine's collection is stitched in China under fair working conditions. All production is produced in tailor-made workshops owned by local women, thus helping the local economy and reducing the impact on the environment. All business decisions, whether large or small, are taken with the thought of our planet's health and social harmony.

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