Imagine pocket nappy XL - Little Farmer

  • Brand: Imagine
  • Cat No: 643565
Price: 39,00 лв. 19,50 лв.
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Read more about the pocket nappies (Bulgarian version only)


The Imagine Pocket Diaper comes with a free adjustable insert made of 4 layers of thirsty microfiber. The lining that touches your baby is a super soft no-pill fleece and the outer layer is a waterproof yet breathable material that will guard against leaks.


A pocket diaper is a 2 part cloth diaper system. The diaper cover has an opening or pocket specially designed to stuff an insert into. The insert absorbs the wetness and pulls that moisture away from your baby's skin. If your baby needs more absorbency for naps or overnight, extra inserts can be added to the pocket.


The Imagine Pocket Diaper will fit babies 6.8 - 32+ kg and will adjust to any shape baby or toddler. This trim fitting diaper is easy to use and grows with your baby by adjusting the rise snaps on the front of the diaper.


The insert can also be adjusted to the desired length and then stuffed into the inner pocket. The front closures allow you to adjust the waist size for a perfect fit.


You can choose either a Hook & Loop or Snap Closure in various beautiful colors. The Hook & Loop version has generous foldback tabs for easy laundering and the Snap version uses high quality and durable snaps.