Little Birds Bamboo Insert HEAVY YELLOW

  • Brand: Little Birds
  • Cat No: 643617
Price: 18,60 лв.
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Soft and easy to use, made of 3-layers of bamboo, insert is a perfect solution for a daytime to use it in the cover or pocket, also as an insert for younger children or those who pee less. The insert layers are made of gentle bamboo/cotton-frotte.


Attributes of  HEAVY Inserts:

  • universalism - inserts can be used in the covers or pockets, also would be perfect as an booster for older babies
  • good absorbency - 3 layers of bamboo-frotte BIRD-bamboo
  • remain soft even after many washings
  • size aprox. 12x66cm. shrinking 10%



70% bamboo viscose, 30% organic cotton



  • wash under 60 degrees and spin under 1200 spm
  • can be thumbled dry on delicate
  • do not iron
  • do not use softeners and bleach.