Mama Koala Pocket Nappy - Mermaid (blue)

  • Brand: Mama Koala
  • Cat No: 643591
Price: 17,15 лв. 8,57 лв.
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Composition: 100% Water Resistant polyester TPU, 100% Polyester

The pocket comes WITHOUT an insert.



Waterproof TPU to ensure nappies are water resistant and to avoid leakage.

Large pocket opening makes stuffing easier and keeps inserts in.

Gentle leg elastics and durable 3x3 rise snaps adjust the sizing to fit 3.5-15kg.


How to wash:

Pre-wash: wash all the diapers and inserts warm (104K/40C max) at least once before use. 

Daily wash: Shake off poop into the toilet. Cold pre-wash, no detergent. Wash warm (104F/40C max) with detergent. Extra rinse. No laundry additives. Line dry or tumble dry low. No bleach. No fabric softener.


Things to note:

Nobody wants a cloth diaper to leak. 99% of the time leaks are due to fit, too long between changes, or not enough absorbency. As you know babies come in different shapes and sizes, so you might need to change more frequently at first to avoid leaks.