Pop-in Reusable Nappy Cover - Puffin

  • Brand: Pop-in
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These covers cannot be used alone, they are specially designed to be used over an absorbent two part nappy or pre-fold as an alternative to and all in one or all in two system. Like our nappies our Pop-in nappy wraps are ideal for either day or night, thanks to our renowned leak-proof double leg gusset. They are cut generous enough to fit over even the bulkiest two-part nappy system. Our popper fastening, and stretchy tabs allow a snug, soft fit around baby every time and make it a little harder for little hands to take off!


There is no lining inside the waterproof outer shell so it may be wiped clean and re-used unless soiled


This nappy print is part of our endangered collection, these are very special to us, they all feature little friends who have become critically endangered in their natural habitats.


We are very proud to support the WWF and other non for profits through our 1% for the Planet membership. This means every time you buy a product from one of these collections, we give 1% of that purchase to those protecting these animals and combating important issues like ocean plastic and deforestation! So together we really can make a difference! learn more at onepercentfortheplanet.org

  • Generous cut to go over bulkier two part nappies, our nappy wrap is one size and grows with baby from birth to potty (one size fits most)**
  • Excellent containment and leak protection at any stage, thanks to our clever double leg gusset
  • Soft elasticated waist and legs, long lasting popper fastening and stretchy tabs for a great fit
  • Ideal for either daytime or night time use, when used over two part or prefold nappy system
  • Soft touch hook and loop wash tab


One size - fits most 8 lbs /3.62 kg - 35lbs /16kg approximately



Outer shell: 100% polyester with TPU membrane


Important info

**Pop-in new gen V2 soaker and booster are not compatible with our Nappy wrap/covers


**Washing, do not use biological detergent, bleaching agents or fabric softeners as these may adversely affect absorbency and material appearance.


** Drying, do not dry on direct heat source, never tumble outers as this may affect materials’ integrity and waterproofing


**Easy care, no soaking, simply dry store and wash on a normal 30-60 degree cycle. We always recommend pre-washing your nappies before use, always wash dark colours separately


How many nappy wraps will I need?

For part-time use we recommend 3-4 nappy wraps and for full-time 6-8 we would normally say between 3-4 nappies per wrap so the amount you may need will depend on how many two part nappies you intend to use.