Puppi Fitted Pocket Nappy OS - Ice Cream

  • Brand: Puppi
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Pocket fitted diapers are the most universal fitted diapers on the market. Thanks to clever construction you can decide how big absorbency you need at the moment.

Absorbing insert included.


Read more about fitted nappies (Bulgarian version only)

You can use our fitted diapers with any insert you like:
-those you currently have at hand
-those you like most
-extra- absorbent for night sleep
-very thin during the day

Just adjust it to your needs. We sew our Puppi fitted diapers from a bamboo velour knit, that is really stretchy if you compare it with other fabrics so it’s easier to adjust it to baby’s body and simple to wear. Bamboo velour is not only delicate and soft to touch, but also very absorbent. Our fabric is Oeko-tex certified and approved for children under 3 years of age.

Other advantages?
Pocket fitted diapers are easier to wash, because they have less layers of fabric and they get dry much faster.
Snaps in waist let you to adjust the diaper in the belly area and the ones in crotch are there to adjust the size of the diaper and make sure that the elastics are adhered to baby’s thighs. Thanks to snaps in two colors placed symmetrically you don’t need to count them to snap them at the same place on both sides- simply button those in the same color.

The elastics that we use in all of our fitteds and covers are made of organic cotton and natural rubber which makes them biodegradable (so is the bamboo velour). They are also very durable and delicate, so they won’t leave imprint on the skin. We are the only cloth diaper company in Poland that has used such a solution in fitted diapers.

And what about waterproof layer?
This diaper requires a water-proof cover. You can use both wool overpants or wool cover.


Compositions 70% bamboo 28% organic cotton 2% polyester
Size One Size (7 - 18 kg / 15.4 - 40lbs)
Care instructions Wash in 60'C (140'F), tumble drying may cause streching of the elastics.
Before the first use Wash at least 2 times for better absorbency.
Certificates velour: Oeko-Tex Standard, elastics: GOTS, napy: CPSIA, tested for phthalate content