XKKO Nappy Wrap - Watercolour Polka Dots (one-size)

  • Brand: XKKO
  • Cat No: 643574
Price: 18,50 лв.
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Nappy wraps are sewn from breathable PUL fabric, which guarantees the highest comfort for your baby.  These wraps will not leak onto clothing, while allowing the skin underneath them to breath much more than in conventional disposable nappies. These nappy wraps have a soft fleece hem around the legs.


The design is suitable for all types of nappy, from square nappies, through folded nappies, to fitted nappies.


Size: approx. 4-15 kg

Composition: 100% Polyester with PUL coating

Overlock: 100% Polyester (Fleece)



  • Wash before first use.
  • We recommend using standard detergents.
  • Drying in a dryer is not recommended. Do not dry on hot radiators. Do not bleach chemically, do not iron.
  • We recommend washing the panties in a washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius, but they can withstand occasional washing at 60 degrees Celsius without any problems.


Diaper Covers XKKO, moreover, underwent extraordinary tests and were awarded a quality brand called Czech Quality/Guaranteed Quality.