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Pre-flat diapers with stretch, Kings of my Castle.


Unbleached, natural fabric. These are flat, flexible diapers, as they have some elasticity, and are quite absorbent. These reusable diapers can be used as diapers or as pads, muslins. They need a diaper cover. The fabric features higher, curly loops (terry).

When used as absorbents, just fold it to get the desired shape and place it in the diaper, having the advantage of drying much faster after washing.


Ideal to use in newborns and babies in the first months of life as a flat nappy, in older babies as absorbents. They are fastened with a safety pin or a snappi.


They come in three sizes:

Size 1: 37x37 cm (< 7 kg)

Size 2: 40 x42 cm (> 7 kg)

Size 3: 44 x43 cm


Made in Portugal with love.


Composition: Hemp 47%, cotton 38%, terry stretch 15%

310 g/m2


Washing Instructions:

Wash at least 3 times before first use to remove the natural oils found in the natural fabrics of diapers and pads. Absorbance capacity will increase with washing.

Machine washing is recommended, first in a short cycle, cold and with spin, and then in a long cycle in lukewarm water (40ºC) and with spin. Air drying is also recommended.

Remove solids before washing. Do not iron. Do not use bleach, additives or softeners.

After washing, there is a shrinkage rate of about 10%. Hemp shrinks more than cotton.


The product may present variations in the cut, as the entire cutting and sewing process is done manually.