Lenny Lamb - Wide-back Insert / Doubler - OS

  • Brand: Lenny Lamb
  • Cat No: 643759
Price: 18,00 лв. 14,40 лв.
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Wide-back inserts will be loved by parents whose toddlers have moderate pee and are beginning to have solid poop. Flat inserts without additional elastics, made of birdseye fabric, with a wider back part to protect the wool cover from getting dirty, increase the absorbent surface without increasing the thickness of the insert itself. Recommended for babies who already have regular bowel movements (although this is obviously not a prerequisite).


Size OS - 70cm, 4 layers

Age: from 4-5 months depending on needs and baby's body build

Clothing size: from 74 (29’’) upwards

Weight: from around 6 kg (13lbs) and up


Washing instructions: machine wash at 60॰C (140॰F). Do not iron as this process reduces the absorbency of the insert. Do not dry clean. Can be tumble dried but it is not recommended as it can significantly shorten the life of the insert. Do not bleach. Line drying is recommended. Use white washing powder containing a compound called TAED (Tetraacetylethylenediamine).