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  • Brand: Lenny Lamb
  • Cat No: 643756
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A wool cover is the outer layer of a cloth diaper which creates a barrier to keep moisture on the inside. Thanks to the properties of wool and its ability to absorb moisture, it can absorb up to 50% of its weight without feeling wet. When wool is treated with lanolin, it works amazingly well as an insulator and moisture barrier while its thermoregulatory and circulation properties keep your baby from getting too cool or too warm. The product is sewn from two layers of 100% wool fabric.


OS size

Age: from 4-5 months depending on baby's body build

Size: From 74 (29’’) upwards

Weight: from around 6 kg (13lbs) and up


Washing instructions: hand wash at 30॰C with wool detergent, do not iron, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry, we recommend drying flat.


Before using for the first time: before using for the first time the cover should be hand washed in wool detergent and lanolized (recipe here